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The world’s offer in tourism is giving more importance each day to satisfying the increasing demand represented by family tourism.

The principles of democracy and peace in Costa Rica have been promoted throughout its history, so the country naturally developed a series of activities and places with specialized programs for family recreation: walks, guided visits, group games, interaction with diverse communities and cultural groups, tasting the varied Costa Rican gastronomy, beach sports, among others.

You may select among the many options that will contribute to the enthusiastic enjoyment of free time spent with your loved ones. Sports, adventures, nature, relaxation… those ingredients are part of the special family tourism you may experience in Costa Rica.



As the capital of the country, San José also represents the capital of culture and amusement. Offering a series of places for all family members to enjoy the museums, theaters, cinemas, and recreation centers.

Among the most relevant, the imposing, gothic architecture of the National Theater with performances that include every art gender. The Gold Museum will show you Pre Columbian, Costa Rican art. The National Museum will let you travel through Costa Rica’s history and the Children’s Museum, will guide you and your family through an interactive learning adventure, applied with innovative devices on each subject, to learn while you all play.




Adventure does not discriminate by age, sex, or degree of physical fitness. Costa Rica offers activities adapted to different tastes and budgets, where all family have fun together.

The practice of adventure tourism strengthens living together as a family, with activities such as hikes in protected areas present on the many national parks and biological reserves areas, as well as fluvial fishing, mainly of trout and tilapia, and surfing. Moreover, Costa Rica’s natural richness makes it a perfect place to benefit from family vacations. Together, you’ll share while going deep into the country’s tropical forests, discovering a surprising variety of flora and fauna, formed by exuberant vegetation, mammals, and birds. All these protected species are found in the diverse National Parks and Biological Reserves you may explore while trekking and horseback or aerial tram riding.

A complement of the scenic beauty and amusement offered by Costa Rica are the several beaches along the Caribbean and Pacific coasts.




Find in Trekking exciting expeditions or walks that will approach you to natural beauties. Or you may prefer a route with alternative means that facilitate your journey: mountain biking, ATV’s or horseback rides, ideal vehicles to dare and explore the different landscapes, full of flora and fauna you find throughout the country.

There are other attractions to enjoy the forest, like traveling among the trees, practicing canopy, or perhaps enjoy the movement of walking on hanging bridges.




The thrill is not less in this category. A very popular adventure among families having young or teenage members is rafting. The most searched for the practice of this sport are the Pacuare, Reventazón, Sarapiquí, and Corobicí rivers. With this kind of activities on rivers you’ll spend pleasant fun times, while enjoying the fascinating view, surrounded by nature.

At sea, you’ll also experience good sensations. You may go skin diving or snorkeling, going into the depths of Costa Rica’s marine world, take boat or kayak trips, or well, discovering many kinds of beach to share with your family. This country’s coasts have the advantage of warm waters throughout the year, which gives you the opportunity of visiting anytime you like. You will spend fun-filled family moments with the many existing activities, like surf, Jet Ski, banana boat, or simply playing with the waves and sand.